ai.iliff Tech Series I

Trust Based AI in Industry

May 2, 2019 @ INDUSTRY Denver

The AIliff Tech Series brings AI innovators together to explore the impact of trust-based practices in the development of a sustainable future for humans and machines. We will discuss social and ethical questions raised in our expanding relationships with artificial intelligence. Join us in broadening the conversation on how AI is reshaping our world.

Featured Guests

Angela Appel, RN-BC, BSN, Telemetry Monitoring Manager, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital
Philip Butler, Ph.D., Core Ethics Team, Hyperloop Transporation Technologies
Moana Mai Sato, Data Manager, AMP Robotics
Gene Stevens, Chief Technology Officer, ProtectWise
John Stevenson, Director of Data Science, Cake Insurance

Innosphere  @ Iliff
Mira Lane @ Iliff

ai.iliff Tech Series II

Values Based Approaches to AI Design

September 13, 2019 @ Catalyst HTI

Mira Lane, Partner Director of Ethics and Society for Cloud and AI at Microsoft will lead a workshop in applying values frameworks to the development of AI applications. Mira will provide a snapshot of the current landscape regarding responsible AI design and deployment. Then, as a case study workshop, she will apply her values framework methodologies to the AI tutor application being developed by the AI institute @ Iliff. We will then have a large group discussion about the importance of trust-based practices in the whole lifecycle of AI development. We will explore questions such as:

  • How do we identify potential unintended consequences in AI deployment?
  • What do user centered approaches to AI design look like?
  • How can we increase transparency in AI development?


For more information about Mira’s approach to responsible AI design and development, see these discussions:


Special thanks to InTrust Center for Theological Schools for helping sponsor this event.