Embedded Ethics as a Service

You can’t outsource ethics, but you don’t have to do it alone

At ai.iliff, we believe in an embedded approach to ethics in AI development and deployment. An embedded approach to ethics demands ethical thinking and practice at all stages of the AI product lifecycle and from every area of the organization. This kind of holistic and intersectional approach to ethics can not be outsourced, but demands some expertise that organizations may not have on hand. Through our Embedded Ethics as a Service (eEaaS) offerings, the ai.iliff team will walk alongside your team to develop ethical practices that are embedded into your business workflows to shape more trustworthy processes and products. See below for some of the specific strategies ai.iliff can help your organization implement toward more ethical AI.

Hiring Practices

The most important approach to building trustworthy AI is to cultivate a diverse team. ai.iliff can help you implement hiring practices that will bring diverse perspectives to all phases of your product lifecycle. Concrete strategies include:

redrafting job descriptions
cultivating diverse channels of applicants
implementing equitable interview practices
onboarding team members with cultural humility

Bias Management

Bias is inherent in all data systems. The key to building trustworthy AI is having a clear and transparent bias management strategy, so that we can select in the biases we value and select out those we do not. Strategies include:

establishing consent based data collection methods
building and documenting representative datasets
integrating fairness tools into model development
auditing algorithms for performance across intersectional identities

Ethics Education

Building a sustainable culture for trustworthy AI development requires an ongoing investment in learning. Creating individual and team based learning opportunities to remain engaged in cutting edge thinking and practice around ethics and technologies will foster creativity and community as you implement these embedded strategies. ai.iliff can provide:

online learning modules on current ethical topics
workshops for executives on trust based practices
tutorials on the latest fairness tools
workshops on emerging ethical frameworks

Committee Cultivation

We believe strongly that creating an ethics committee or board is not sufficient on its own to build sustainable trustworthy AI. Yet, cultivating a dedicated group within the organization to champion and guide the ongoing investment in ethical practices can have a major impact. Our ai.iliff team can help with:

setting clear goals and guidelines for committee
recruiting diverse committee members
cultivating ongoing committee communication
integrating committee work into development workflows