80/20 Dataset

Vision AI has widely discriminated against people from the global majority. We are working to build a new vision dataset that represents the global demographic.
We introduce the 80/20 dataset initiative.


The purpose of this study is to create a dataset for vision artificial intelligence systems. This dataset is intended to reflect the global landscape of physical representation. Our goal is to bring consent into the dataset equation. By doing so, we can change the way people are integrated into AI systems while building buy-in into the larger process.
To participate in this initiative all you need to do is post 2 pictures of yourself side-by-side with the hashtag #8020challenge. Further, you can identify yourself (race, sex, gender, etc.). While we will draw from your likeness, your exact likeness will not be used for the set. We will use another AI algorithm to distort your image so that it will not be you exactly.
No information that identifies you will be released without your separate consent except as specifically required by law. You should know that you have the right to refuse to answer any question that you may not wish to answer. We are very grateful for your participation in this voluntary, non-paying study. Your voluntary participation in this study upholds your ability to withdraw without penalty at any time during this study, for any reason.
It is important to recognize that there may also be circumstances where the researcher may discontinue your participation within the study. If there are any questions regarding participation in this study or if participants would like to gain access to any and all paperwork regarding their consent, please contact Philip Butler 2323 E Iliff Ave Denver, CO 80210, 303.765.3124, (preed-butler@iliff.edu). You may also contact Justin Barber (jbarber@iliff.edu). A copy of this Informed Consent will be provided to you for your records upon request.
By posting your picture with the #80-20challenge hashtag you are electronically ‘signing’ this form of consent, and acknowledging that you have read and understand it. You have the right to the receipt of a copy of this form, and a copy of the “Subject’s Bill of Rights”.